Posted by: saraitypos | October 24, 2008

Typos in the Writing on the Wall


The Sarai Media Lab wants you to be part of their open platform, “Typos in the Writing on the Wall”, which is – simply – a Forum for the Following:

Mobile Phone-Music Videos
Poster-Art-Daily news

And any such unlikely formations if you will, as you will.
(using the tools we choose and the rules we lose…)

We realize it’s hard to pin this moment down. This is the Technological Moment (according to whale sharks off the coast of some place we don’t want to think about). This is the Media Moment (embodied in televisions made from cathode ray tubes from a different decade in Lajpat Rai market). This is The DIY Moment (which is a conflation of recycled impulses and conditions for cut and paste).

This is a time for change. As usual. Transformation, as it were. An Un-substantial Theory of Now. We want responses to the very insubstantial nature of pinning this down as a way of explanation. But we don’t want explanations.

Cityness is a certain intelligence that we use in cities (…in order to negotiate unequal access and unequal freedom and find other routes when…)
Everything is happening in bits and pieces here.

The crisis is no longer of representation, or of reproduction in any age.

There are glitches and system errors and hiccups; interstitial gaps and interplanetary dust.
There are TYPOS in every writing on every wall.

Somewhere here and in between there,
Lets play.

We invite you to participate in Edition #1 of ‘Typos in the Writing on the Wall’ . Do send in your responses in a form you choose, and in a way you did not expect it to become. This is an open platform for photos, videos, writing, sound, in combinations or not, to see where we can go from here. We will have an open call every couple of months for subsequent editions. Selected submissions will be uploaded here, as well as curated for events and exhibitions. Please attach with your submissions:
– A brief introduction to the work and its maker/s
– Title of work
– 2 still images (jpgs) from the work

Submissions can be made using any file format, including .ogg, .mp3, .wav, .aiff, .mp4, .mov, .png, .tiff, .jpg. The file size should not exceed 100mb. Long duration sound and video works can consider mp3 and mp4 formats. Last date for submissions for Edition #1 is January 15, 2009

Mail your entries to Sarai, or email them to us at typos [at]

Our address is:

Sarai Media Lab, Sarai- CSDS
29, Rajpur Road, Delhi 110054

Send us your TYPOS, from a wall close to you!


A video by Priya Sen, Amitabh Kumar
Produced at Sarai Media Lab, 2008


Annotations around Nothing in Particular and Everything in General

Produced at Sarai Media Lab, 2008